What are Equipment Inspection Checklists?

Good to Go Safety is a tagging and checklist system for workplace equipment. It allows a pre-use inspection to be carried out and the findings clearly displayed inside the status tag for all to see.

There are many benefits in using Good to Go Safety as part of a preventative maintenance regime. By implementing regular equipment checks the chance of spotting a fault early, before it deteriorates further, are greatly increased. Early detection of damaged or faulty equipment can help to prevent accidents and reduce maintenance costs whilst ensuring that legislative requirements are met (PUWER, LOLER, WAHR and more).

Good to Go Safety has just 3 main components:

Status tag: This universal tag can be fitted to all types of equipment using cable ties, screws, rivets or adhesive. Highly durable and weather resistant, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The tag will always display a “Do Not Use” message until such time that a completed checklist has been inserted, at which time the window clearly displays the equipment status and lets employees know if and when it is Good to Go.

Inspection Check Books: The check book contains 25 individual checklists, specific to the equipment needing inspected. Each book includes guidance notes of what to look for and a comprehensive list of essential checks to tick through. A carbon copy of each completed checklist is retained inside the book whilst the top copy is inserted inside the tag, displaying either a “Do Not Use” or “Good to Go” message for all to see, along with the date of inspection.

Tamper Evident Seal:Can be used to seal the tag once a checklist has been inserted. If the seal is missing then a new inspection should be carried out. Helps to ensure that the correct status is shown at all times.

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The Good to Go Safety system is an innovative and adaptable equipment checking system which provides a means for assessing equipment, highlighting any defects and ultimately providing a safer working environment. Offering a simple, effective and affordable solution to equipment safety, it is a flexible Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS), available to buy as individual components or in kit format. Click here to view the full range of equipment checklists to choose from.