Equipment Types - Workplace Inspection Checklists

A range of products designed to increase workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents. A simple but effective solution available in individual components or in a inspection kit format.

Our innovative equipment management system can be used on a wide range of applications, including scaffolding, forklifts, ladders, vehicles, MEWP's, pallet trucks, racking, trailers, tractors, podium steps, harnesses plus many more. It helps ensure employees know when their equipment has been inspected and proven to be Good to Go.

The system has three main parts: The Status Tag, Checklist and Tamper Evident Seal.

Tag It- Attach the status tag to the appropriate equipment.
Check It - Use the application specific inspection checklist to carry our a comprehensive inspection
Record It - Complete the inspection checklist and provice an assessment of the equipment
Display It- Tear our the top sheet, fold where prompted and insert the findings into the status tag
Secure It - Fit a tamper evident seal to deter unauthorised access and ensure an authentic display.
You're Good to Go - The tag will now display the inspection findings and advise if the equipment is "Good to Go" or if a fault has been found a "Do Not Use" message is displayed to instantly quarantine the equipment.

Choose from a wide range of check books to find the relevant checklist for your workplace equipment. The inspection check books allow you to specify the frequency of your inspection, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, start of shift or on anad-hoc basis.

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