• 14 Feb 2024

Show your Forklift Trucks some love on Valentines Day

Show your Forklift Trucks some love on Valentines Day (and forever) - Give them quick pre-drive inspections to make sure they're doing ok ❤️

Monitoring all your forklifts and assessing their environments with regular (pre-use / pre-move) forklift safety inspections will help achieve a safer workplace environment for employees. Pre-use / pre-move forklift checklists will not only increase the likelihood of spotting a fault early before it deteriorates further, but it also provides employees with regular reminders of their safe working practices and ensures your company complies with PUWER and Forklift Health & Safety policies.

Forklift trucks are an indispensable piece of equipment for many businesses, however 11% of them are involved in accidents each year. Many of these accidents could be prevented with the correct forklift training, inspection reminders and regular checklist assessments.

Forklift injuries tend to be more serious than other workplace injuries - causing an average of 13 days off work compared to 8 days for all other cases.

Crushing hazards are one of the top causes of forklift injuries and fatalities. Either due to the forklift tipping over due to speed and load weight or when a pedestrian becomes pinned between the truck and a fixed object. These accidents often end in fatal results yet simple reminders to drivers such as checking their load is suitable and assessing their surroundings can dramatically help their awareness and responsibilities. It may seem like common sense / self explanatory but providing employees with a simple "yes / no" questionnaire prior to moving a Forklift Truck can not only save your company from being fined for health and safety failings, but can also be life saving too.

At TakeAIM / Good to Go Safety, we believe that providing your employees with as many opportunities to determine whether their next activity is safe is vitally important.

That's why TakeAIM and Good to Go Safety provide a range of tools to help businesses achieve safer workplace environments - to find out more click here for our digital version and here for our paper inspections.

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