• 12 Apr 2024

Why you should complete daily forklift inspections

Forklift truck inspections can increase productivity by up to 25%. Additionally it will reduce breakdowns by 70% and lowers forklift truck maintenance costs by 25%.

Depending on the type of forklift truck, costs and technical sophistication, a broad spectrum of maintenance strategies should be applied. A faulty forklift truck may significantly slow or completely halt your entire production process. Poor maintenance strategies can reduce the overall productive capacity of a warehouse by 5 to 20 percent.

“Predictive maintenance increases equipment uptime by 10 to 20% while reducing overall maintenance costs by 5 to 10% and maintenance planning time by 20 to 50%"

Why Preventative Maintenance?
1. Identify faults and schedule repairs at convenient times - unplanned repairs can lead to substantial downtime and jeopardise productivity. A minor fault which is not identified can cause more expensive / complicated damage to equipment. Well maintained equipment runs for longer and more efficiently, saving time and money.
2. Improve safety and comply with legislation with regular inspections. In the UK, there are over 1,300 forklift truck accidents every year - many of them preventable. The five most important safety devices on any forklift are the brakes, seatbelts, lights, audibles (horn / reversing alarm) and overhead guards. These devices are in place to protect the driver and those in its close proximity. Carrying out a quick pre-use inspection of these devices can highlight faults that could put the driver and / or pedestrians in danger.

Within the top ten reasons for injury and death is: Forklift Mechanical Failures. Forklift trucks are covered under OSHA and PUWER, and just like any other piece of machinery: They need to be maintained regularly. When a forklift truck is left to deteriorate, accidents, breakdowns and other safety issues are inevitable. OSHA requires that operators inspect their forklift truck prior to use. Completing forklift inspections before operating them will help identify issues / faults both big and small. If a fault is found during a pre-use forklift inspection, quarantine the equipment until the issue is repaired. Correcting faults both big and small is key to the safe use of a forklift truck.

Safety inspections shouldn't focus purely on the safety devices, it should provide drivers with an opportunity to identify any issue - whether environmental or functional. The inspection will ideally enable inspectors to quarantine a forklift deemed unfit for use with clear "do not use" marking, this will safeguard against any accidental use. Quarantining a forklift with maintenance issues makes certain that it can be repaired before it leads to a serious incident and /or costly problem.

Between both Good to Go Safety and TakeAIM we can offer the perfect solution to complete pre-use forklift inspections for any company.

Good to Go Safety and TakeAIM provide a range of tools to help businesses achieve safer workplace environments. The TakeAIM web platform also hosts a maintenance log which allows you to easily monitor the time taken to resolve issues, keep track of who is responsible and even keep a record of replacement parts ordered. Registering an account takes a minute, plus you'll have access to the system for 7 days completely free (no credit card details required). If you find TakeAIM useful and wish to stay with us after the 7 day free trial, the good news is that TakeAIM is a pay as you go system - there's no monthly contract and credit bundles start at an amazing £6.25 for 25 inspections. Click here to view all our pricing bundles.

At Good to Go Safety, we understand that using a mobile phone for the TakeAIM APP is a security risk for some companies. In these circumstances we would suggest the use of our easy to use Forklift Truck Inspection Checklists. The Good to Go Safety Forklift Inspection Book is a flexible safety inspection system which can be used on a pre-use, ad-hoc, daily or weekly basis. Once a pre-use forklift safety inspection has been completed, the forklift checklist is inserted into a status tag to display the safety inspection findings and the date of completion. This removes the risk of any employee assuming the forklift truck is safe for use.

When using our Forklift Inspection systems your employees are provided with a clear and effective method of work, providing peace of mind and improving user confidence and team morale in the process.

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