Where should Equipment Inspection Checklists be used?

Good to Go Safety has been designed for use in virtually all conditions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the tag is highly durable and weather resistant. The status tag is also universal which means one tag fits all types of equipment – whether that be a scaffold tube, ladder, forklift or pallet truck.

We recommend that the status tag should be fixed at a point of entry to ensure maximum opportunity to be seen by potential users. The range of checklists available makes the system perfect for use across all industries, from construction and manufacturing sites to warehousing and supermarkets. If your company has equipment that falls under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 then our tagging and checklist systems will ensure that you are always good to go.

Whether you are a small business with one ladder and a pallet truck or a multi-national organisation with a fleet of forklifts and miles of pallet racking, Good to Go Safety will prove invaluable in providing a safe workplace.

There are many variables when deciding on the frequency of inspection of workplace equipment. Some equipment, such as a Forklift Truck will have the need for a daily check, others such as scaffolding must be checked following any structural alteration, period of bad weather or as part of its seven day check.

The environment that the equipment is found in also makes a difference. For example pallet racking within a secure store unit for document storage with pedestrian only access will not need to be checked as regularly as pallet racking in a busy warehouse with forklift trucks and high traffic areas.

A risk assessment will often determine the frequency of your inspections, when regulations do not give a definitive period. The flexibility of the Good to Go Safety system means it can be adapted to suit your own specific requirements.

If your equipment requires a weekly inspection we can supply a Weekly Kit, providing everything you would need for a full year of weekly checks (50 checklists, a status tag, a box of 100 tamper evident seals, and a check book wallet and pen).

Daily inspection kits are also available, providing a full year of daily inspections (based on a 5-day working week) with 2 status tags, 275 checklists, 300 tamper evident seals and a check book wallet and pen, all contained a handy storage box.

You can also purchase individual components as and when required. Whatever your equipment type, whatever your frequency of inspection, you will always be good to go thanks to Good to Go Safety