Fleet Vehicle Safety

An average of 220 serious injuries and 20 deaths involve people at work on UK roads every week according to the Department of Transport (DfT). That makes driving is one of the most hazardous working activities in the UK.

There are an estimated 3 million company cars on the roads and roughly 1 in 3 will be involved in an accident each year.

PUWER requires that work equipment is suitable and safe for its intended use, regularly inspected and maintained and that employees are properly trained in its use – this includes company vehicles (owned, leased or hired) as well as employee’s own vehicles if used for work purposes.

Good to Go Safety
provide a fleet vehicle safety inspection checklist, designed to encourage drivers to carry out essential pre-use vehicle safety inspections checks of their vehicle prior to a journey. These vehicle safety inspections checks can be built into a fleet management policy and help to ensure the safety of the vehicle whilst reducing maintenance costs. Our fleet vehicle safety inspections checklist helps employers meet their legal duty of care to ensure the safety of staff whilst they work, in accordance with various separate laws governing occupational driving including The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER & The Road Traffic Act 1998.

The introduction of a systematic maintenance and vehicle safety inspections programme such as this allows fleet managers to receive a signed and dated vehicle safety inspection checklist which can be used as evidence of an active and up-to-date maintenance programme in the event of an accident. Basic vehicle safety inspections checks covered include the engine department for oil, screen wash, battery etc; whilst lights, mirrors, tyres and documentation are amongst the various external checks.

The Good to Go Safety vehicle safety inspection checklist check book provides 25 individual vehicle safety inspection checklists which should be completed by the driver before he starts his journey; a duplicate NCR copy of the vehicle safety inspection checklist is automatically created which can be kept by the fleet manager as part of their fleet management programme.

Failure to carry out their duty of care could lead to criminal prosecutions against employers under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 if an employee dies in a work-related road-traffic accident.

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