• 14 Sep 2022

TakeAIM Updates

As more and more customers sign up to TakeAIM and discover the benefits it can bring, so we receive more requests and suggestions for additional features to enhance the system. Over the past 12 months we have been asked for a number of improvements to the dashboard area and we are delighted to announce that the following updates are now live and available for you to check out– just sign in to your dashboard to access the updates:

Following the latest updates you can now see the list of overdue assets, complete with details of how long overdue the inspection is – allowing you to prioritise essential maintenance checks that may have been missed. In addition you are now able to download this list as a csv file – allowing you to forward a copy to the relevant person or department to highlight and plan priority work to be carried out.

Half of the battle when it comes to maintenance planning, is keeping to a set schedule. To ensure that your equipment maintenance practices are following your set schedule, clear visibility of any “overdues” can be hugely beneficial and can become a useful KPI to ensure targets are being met.

When you schedule maintenance at regular intervals, you can increase the lifespan of your equipment. By performing routine inspections, you keep your equipment in better condition and prevent defects from occurring. With a lowered rate of defects, your business can save money and time, in addition to getting the most out of your investments. This latest update provides you with more evidence based data and allows you to prioritise jobs accordingly. You are able to view the history of previous inspections via the “Actions” drop-down and even select the relevant inspectors to send a message to on their TakeAIM app.

Previously you would set-up and register your assets via the dashboard so they were ready for inspectors to complete their inspection using the TakeAIM app. That remains the case after the latest update, however it now also allocates a unique asset ID number to each asset and enables you to download a list of all registered assets – allowing you to allocate/track costs and valuations. The data you download can be manipulated and added to however you see fit but we believe it will prove a useful addition to your asset management procedures – it may also prove beneficial, should you need to provide your asset details to your insurance company.

Asset registers allow businesses of all sizes to accurately record information about each of their assets. This can include an asset’s value, its history, location and current condition. Keeping track of your assets is essential when it comes to calculating their operational and maintenance costs. The assets you have registered on TakeAIM will include the asset name you allocated to them and details about the brand & location (if you provided this during set-up). You are also able to see when the asset was registered which can help to track the lifespan of the equipment – you could even use the download to add MOT/tax details or planned dates for external thorough examinations, or to calculate depreciation value of an asset over time.

The data is yours to download and use, so why not get creative and get the most out of it that you possibly can.

You can now download a list of all of your registered users. Again, why not use this as a base for creating additional notes, such as details relating to equipment training, validity of drivers license etc. We’d recommend some caution with what details you store to ensure you do not break any rules relating to GDPR but we hope you can use it to enhance your employee records.

We would love to hear from you with your thoughts and feedback on these latest updates and how you think they may prove beneficial to you. Likewise, if you have any additional suggestions for future updates please let us know and we will consider them for a future roll-out.

We’d like to thank you for your continued support and remind you that you can contact us at any time if you require any advice or assistance regarding the app, or visit the Training or FAQ sections on our website to find useful downloads and information.