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  May 2019

6 Advantages of Keeping an Equipment Maintenance Record
Industries like construction and industrial manufacturing rely on machinery to generate revenue. Maintaining them in good condition... Read More
  April 2019

TakeAIM Ranked #7
The TakeAIM system was recently reviewed on FinancesOnline, a comparison website... Read More
  Jan 2019

Good to Go Safety is going digital with our new app TakeAIM ... Read More
  Oct 2018

Faulty ladder causes fall from height
The ladder used was previously found to have a fault but had no labelling on it to advise against use... Read More
  Sept 2018

Company fined £30,000 for safety failings
Staff had no training in Health & Safety and were told to use their 'common sense'... Read More
  July 2018

Farm Safety Week 2018 #FarmSafetyWeek
Agriculture represents about 1.4% of the UK's workforce, however shockingly accounts for approximately 20% of all workplace fatalities... Read More
  July 2018

How to be a leader in product development
Hard work and self-belief it takes to get noticed in the world of product development - especially in the world of workplace safety... Read More
  March 2018

Warehouse Management
To keep a warehouse running smoothly and efficiently, you should ensure equipment is... Read More
  February 2018

Good to Go Safety are proud to be shortlisted for this year's BSIF Safety Solution Award; these awards recognise... Read More
  January 2018

UK prepares for -7C Blast and 80mph Gales
Severe weather warnings in place as snow and 'life threatening' winds wreak havoc across... Read More
  November 2017

Driving is risky enough without adding adverse weather or vehicle failure
Seeing someone driving whilst squeezing water over their windscreen isn't thought of as vehicle failure, however... Read More
  September 2017

What is a "competent person" and how to find one?
Since we developed our tagging and checklist systems, perhaps the most frequently question we are asked is "Who can carry out the inspections?" to which are most frequent answer is "A competent person"... Read More
  August 2017

Industrial Plant & Equipment: Tagging and checklists
Many think the only way to achieve increased efficiencies and safety is to invest in new premises or equipment but the cost to do so are often beyond reach. So... Read More
  May 2017

Health & Safety Matters: Equipment tagging and checklist systems
Keeping a warehouse running smoothly and fully operational means keeping equipment in good repair... Read More
  April 2017

Health & Safety Matters: Lorry Loader Safety
The latest addition allows competent users to complete pre-use inspections of hiabs/lorry loader cranes – helping to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation... Read More
  December 2016

Industrial Plant & Equipment: Making sure safety's the order of the day
Making sure safety's the order of the day With more people using the Internet for their shopping, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, warehouse personnel are under pressure to get goods out as quickly as possible... Read More