Daily Inspections

Regular equipment inspections can help identify potential faults before they develop into costly and dangerous defects.

The frequency of inspections can be defined by a wide range of variants. On occasion, legislation will set out the specific time period that workplace equipment inspection checks must be made or alternatively a risk assessment may define how often workplace inspection checks should be completed, based upon the level of risk and the potential outcome if a fault goes undetected.

Our range of Daily Equipment Inspections Checklist Kits provide everything required for a year’s worth of daily inspections*.

Each Daily Inspections Checklist Kit includes:
• 2 x Status Tags to attach to the equipment and show its status (includes a spare).
• 11 x Safety Check Books provide 275 individual checklists, allowing one to be completed each day of the year (based on a 5-day working week) and the findings displayed inside the status tag. Additional books can be ordered as and when required.
• 1x Check Book Wallet & Pen, to store the current book in use and provide a solid writing surface when completing checklists.
• 300 x Tamper Evident Seals, which can be used to deter and identify unauthorised access to the status tag.

Using the Daily Inspection Kit will help to improve workplace safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Kits are supplied in a reusable box, allowing duplicate copies of completed check books to be securely stored and filed for management records.

*A total of 275 checklists – sufficient for a year of daily checks based on a 5 day working week.

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