• 06 Dec 2022

Even Santa uses TakeAIM

When it comes to checklists, there's no one more proficient than Santa. He has a checklist for good, a checklist for bad and since he found TakeAIM, he's managing them all digitally.

Here's what Santa said about TakeAIM:

As the Holiday season approaches, billions of people World-wide begin counting down the days until they can enjoy family get-togethers, gift giving and / or time off work, ho ho ho. As Christmas approaches some businesses begin to wind down as others see an influx of products being purchased to make the festivities as magical as possible.

Many companies hire temporary workers to help manage the increased workload, but with temporary workers comes the difficulties and hazards of limited knowledge, set-up and safety rules. Agricultural, factory and warehouse accidents are all too common on any normal day of the year, therefore with increased activity, vehicles, personnel (temporary staff) and more pressure to get goods out on time, the chances of accidents are increased greatly.

During the festive period many have additional home-life chores that need completed prior to the holiday season. Festive chores (such as shopping for gifts, wrapping, cleaning, festive decorating, food shopping etc.) can be very demanding, plus lots of people work overtime in order to buy their loved ones the perfect presents. All these challenges lead to an increase of fatigue, stress and a lack of concentration which can soon become a perfect storm in terms of all the ingredients needed to create a heightened probability of an accident.

Pre-shift team meetings and hand-overs can help businesses support good mental health in the workplace, whilst reminding employees of rules and restricted areas. During the festive period, shift hand-overs and pre-shift meetings can often fall by the wayside due to the pressure to keep orders going out and the desire to get home after a long working day.

It's not just people that become tired and stressed during times of increased activity, many equipment types need regular maintenance and inspection to ensure their continued safety and productivity. Using TakeAIM to complete all manner of inspections / questionnaires can help to identify issues before they develop into a costly incident.

As we approach the festive period, the likelihood of staff (especially temporary staff) reporting incidents is very low. What may seem like a gentle scrape to a forklift driver would hardly justify reporting or putting his neck on the line. In reality however the potential for racking being weakened after a collision is considerably high. With pallet racking being fully ladened to satisfy the high seasonal demand, a racking collapse would be devastating; not only in terms of damaged goods but also in downtime and the resulting loss of goodwill from disappointed customers.

TakeAIM enables companies to create their own inspections / assessments (along with already having many inspections pre-loaded). This means that no matter how obscure your equipment, it can be added to your asset management list (that's why I use TakeAIM, ho ho ho). Routine inspections of equipment / employees can help keep your factory, farm, warehouse or any other business operating safely and efficiently.

At the time of writing I'm the only one who has created a checklist for Elf mental health, however i believe that providing all employees with a quick, simple way of completing a mental health and work-related stress questionnaire could be the first step to helping companies provide employees with a better working life during busy, demanding periods.

Santa, ho ho ho x


TakeAIM is an APP (free on both Google Play and App Store) which enables companies to complete assessments of absolutely ANYTHING. Coupled with a web platform, TakeAIM provides analysis, visibility and insights to help companies manage their workplace. Each assessment is automatically sent to management via wifi (inspections can be completed without wifi and are automatically forwarded on once connection is re-established) with the ability to attach photos or annotations to provide additional information on issues.

Our customers have used TakeAIM for completing all manner of items (DSE Assessments, Snow Mobiles, Site Safety Audits etc) due to how easy it is to create their own checklists. At the time of writing we have not had anyone (apart from Santa) create a checklist for workplace mental health but we agree that it would be a great first step for any company wishing to resolve, mitigate and manage the impact mental health has on their business.

Registering an account just takes a minute, plus you'll have access to the system for 7 days completely free (no credit card details required). If you find TakeAIM useful and wish to stay with us after the 7-day free trial, the good news is that TakeAIM is a pay as you go system - there's no monthly contract and credit bundles start at an amazing £6.25 for 25 inspections. Click here to view all our pricing bundles.

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