Scaffold Tower Safety

Falls from heights are the biggest cause of death in the workplace. On average 40 people die and 6000 suffer injuries every single year. That's over 500 fall from height injuries reported every month.

Tower scaffold provision and use must be properly managed and include rigorous scaffold inspection arrangements. Many workers are injured each year when they fall from scaffold towers or when the scaffold tower overturns. One of the main reasons for incidents occurring is due to flaws in the erected scaffold tower – where the scaffold tower structure is incorrectly assembled or where a scaffold tower guardrail is missing. Therefor, scaffold towers should be erected and inspected by trained and competent employees.

Good to Go Safety offers the perfect solution for Scaffold Tower inspection management. Their Scaffolding Tower Inspection checklist improves scaffold tower safety, reduces maintenance costs and avoids costly accidents.

All scaffold towers must be inspected following erection and then checked at suitable regular intervals by a competent employee. In addition to this, if the scaffold tower is used for construction work and an employee could fall 2 metres or more, then the scaffold tower must be inspected following assembly and then every seven days. The results of the Scaffold Tower inspection should be recorded, displayed for all to see and kept for three months following the completion of work.

Good to Go Safety's system generates carbon copies of each scaffold tower inspection checklist which reduces the chance of an inspection being lost. These carbon copies are retained within the Scaffold Tower Inspection checklist book. These records can then be kept on site until construction is completed and then retained off site for a further three months.

Using our scaffold tower inspection checklist ensures you are compliant with WAHR, PASMA & HSE legislation and best practice. The scaffold tower status tag is simply attached to the tube at the scaffold tower’s point of entry to ensure maximum visibility. Our universal status tag has been designed to sit flush to a scaffold tower tube using cable ties to reduce the risk of snagging. Scaffold towers should meet the specification of BS EN 1004:2004 and the inspections checks found in the Good to Go Safety inspection checklist check books can help to identify any non-conforming or poorly maintained scaffold tower.

All BS EN 1004:2004 scaffold towers should be supplied with detailed user instructions and critical safety information specifying the use of either the 3T or AGR system of assembly and dismantling. You must follow these instructions and the safety information precisely. Scaffold towers come in many different shapes and sizes, but the Good to Go Safety scaffold tower inspections checklist helps identify common pre-use checks to help maximise user safety at all times.

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