Ladder Safety

Regardless of a decline in fatalities from 42 in 2014/15 to 37 in 2015/16, falls from a height are still the biggest cause of accidental lethality in the workplace. In addition to this, they were also the cause of 5,956 non-fatal injuries during 2015/16.

Interestingly, it is estimated that two million ladders are in daily use across the UK, therefore it is perhaps not surprising that ladders account for around 40% of fall from height accidents. Many of these ladder accidents could be stopped with training, ladder safety inspections checklist and ladder safety precautions. Each ladder should be inspected using a ladder safety inspections checklist prior to using. Using a ladder safety inspection checklist ensures any faults or general wear and tear which could compromise the ladder are found prior to an unsuspecting user unknowingly risking their life.

Good to Go Safety enables a status tag to be attached to ladders and used in conjunction with our comprehensive ladder safety inspections checklist to ensure essential pre-use ladder safety inspection are carried out. Using a ladder safety inspection checklist helps to reduce the risk of a faulty ladder being used resulting in a fall from height. This ladder management system eradicates the assumption that the ladder is safe to use and enforces a ladder safety inspection checklist to be completed prior to use providing compliance with PUWER, INDG402, WAHR & HSE regulations and in line with industry best practice.

The status tag is designed to fit on most industrial ladders (BS EN 131, BS 2037 Class 1, or BS 1129 ladder or stepladder) and we recommend positioning it at eye level near the grip point on the stiles for maximum visibility. A quick, easy to use ladder safety inspection checklist system ensures that key safety checks are carried out prior to use. Once completed the ladder safety inspection checklist provides a clear visual indication of the ladder’s status. This clearly identifies when a ladder is ‘Good to Go’ and importantly when it is not safe to use.

The Good to Go Safety Ladder safety inspections Checklist allows the clear identification and instant quarantine of any faulty ladders.

The Good to Go Safety Ladder safety inspections Checklist System is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of any business. It's suitable for monitoring every type of ladder in your business and supports the need for regular ladder safety inspections in line with PUWER and Health & Safety policies. Whether you wish to inspect your ladder daily, weekly or on an ad-hoc basis, Good to Go Safety's Ladder safety inspection Checklist System provides the perfect solution.

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