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The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) covers any equipment used by an employee at work.

Our Bespoke inspections checklist check book allows you to compile your own equipment inspections checklist for any piece of equipment. Simply identify the inspection checks you need your operatives to carry out on their equipment and compile and number your list in the space provided on the inside cover of the book. This list can then be cross referenced against the numbers on the inspections checklist to carry out a pre-use inspections checklist in much the same way as our standard inspections checklist products.

Despite our best efforts it is impossible to provide an accurate inspections checklist for every type of equipment and for that reason we can offer you the chance to create your own equipment inspections checklist for any equipment not included within our standard range of check books.

PUWER stipulates that equipment provided for use at work is:
• Suitable and safe for use.
• Maintained in a safe condition and, in certain circumstances, inspected to ensure this remains the case.
• Used by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training.

As a result, employers must ensure that:
• Measures are in place to minimise risks.
• Only fully trained personnel are allowed to use equipment where there is a specific risk.
• Work equipment provided is suitable, maintained and used without risks.

Good to Go Safety delivers on all levels. Simply attach a status tag to the relevant equipment and use your bespoke checklist to carry out a pre-use inspection before placing the findings inside the tag for all to see. A duplicate copy of your completed checklist will be retained within the check book for your management records. Never before has equipment tagging been so accessible, adaptable and affordable.

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