Good to Go Safety Products

Accidents in the workplace can be a frequent occurrence, often as a result of inadequate training or equipment misuse/malfunction.

Good to Go Safety offers a simple but effective solution to workplace safety. Our Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS) is totally flexible to suit your needs in terms of equipment type and frequency of inspection. You can buy as individual components or in kit format for a weekly or daily inspection. Good to Go Safety comprises of three main components:

Status Tag: a universal tag is used on all equipment types to display the findings of a completed checklist

Tamper Evident Seals: an optional extra that can be fitted to the tag once the completed checklist has been inserted. If the seal is missing or broken it indicates someone may have tried to tamper with the inspection.

Paper Check Books: each check book contains 25 inspections and retains a duplicate copy of the completed checklist. Available for various types of workplace equipment.

In addition to our core components we also offer a range of additional accessories to further help with the storage and display of essential check books to ensure employees are always able to complete their pre-use equipment checks.

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