Carbon copy of each completed inspection provides a permanent record of findings.

Good to Go Carbon Copies

Meet your obligations under PUWER and H&S legislation and reduce accidents in the workplace.

Meet your obligations under PUWER

Identify equipment faults, before they develop into a costly accident.

Identify equipment faults with Good to Go Safety

Status tag designed to attach
onto all types of equipment.

Good to Go Safety Status Tag

Ensure employees know when equipment is good to go.

Ensure your Good to Go

Weekly kits provide everything needed for a year of weekly equipment checks.

Weekly Good to Go Safety Kits

Daily kits provide everything needed for a year of daily equipment checks.

Daily Good to Go Safety Kits

Essential safety checklists for a wide range of workplace equipment.

Essential Safety Checklists

Cut maintenance costs by identifying faults early with routine inspections.

Cut costs with Good to Go Safety

Easy to implement and gain employee buy-in due to its simplicity.

Good to Go is Simple

Reinforce your company’s dedication to employee and workplace safety.

Reinforce Safety

Flexible to meet your needs – allows you to specify the frequency of your equipment checks.

Good to Go is Flexible

Clearly display findings inside status tag to provide an up-to-date equipment status at point of use.

Display Good to Go

Quarantine faulty equipment with a clearly visible ‘Do Not Use’ message.

Quarantine Faulty Equipment with Good to Go

Good to Go Safety

Good to Go Safety provides a range of products designed to improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Our innovative ‘Safe Equipment Management System’ (SEMS) helps to achieve a safer workplace environment, ensuring employees know when their equipment has been checked and proven to be ‘Good to Go’.

Good to Go Safety is a Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS), which encourages safety inspections on workplace equipment and is the ideal addition to your H&S, maintenance and equipment management programmes.

Suitable for monitoring all your workplace equipment and supporting the need for regular equipment inspections in line with PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) and maintenance / Health & Safety policies. Whether you require daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc checks to be carried out, Good to Go Safety provides the perfect solution. Available as individual components or in kit format It’s a truly flexible system with the versatility to meet all your equipment safety management needs.

Serious accidents are a daily occurrence in the workplace. These accidents are often as a result of inadequate training or equipment misuse. A SEMS can prevent accidents and help avoid personal injuries.

The Good to Go Safety system is an innovative and adaptable equipment checking system which provides a means for assessing equipment, highlighting any defects and ultimately providing a safer working environment. Offering a simple, effective and affordable solution to equipment safety. It is a flexible system, which is available to buy in both individual components or in kit format.

The Good to Go Safety inspection system can be used on a wide range of applications, including fixed scaffolding, forklifts, ladders, vehicles, MEWP’s, pallet trucks and many more. With unparalleled knowledge, technical expertise and market leading customer service and sales support we’re always happy to help.


Good to Go Safety


Status Tag

Status Tag


The Good to Go Safety Status Tag is attached to equipment (usually at the point of entry) and is used to advise employees when the equipment is ‘Go..

Wallet and Pen

Wallet and Pen


This useful Good to Go Safety Wallet and Pen will keep your Check Book safe from general wear and tear whilst providing a perfect writing surface w..

Check Book Dispenser

Check Book Dispenser


Allows the storage of checklists in a central location for quick and easy access to important inspection checklists. Holds up to ten individua..

Information Station

Information Station


This useful Information Station provides details of the Good to Go Safety inspection process and offers easy access to check books from an organise..

Good to Go Safety

Accidents in the workplace can be a frequent occurrence, often as a result of inadequate training or equipment misuse.

We provide the ultimate in Safe Equipment Management Systems (SEMS) highlighting essential equipment checks, and encouraging safe operating and maintenance procedures for a wide range of applications.

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