Credit Bundles

Please note: You must have a registered TakeAIM Account and Company ID Number prior to purchasing credits for use with the TakeAIM app. If you have not already registered an account please do so here.

Your Company ID Number can be found on your TakeAIM Dashboard or within your profile section on the TakeAIM app.

The TakeAIM App allows registered inspectors to complete equipment checklists on their mobile phone. You can download the app for free on both the Apple Store and on Google Play

The app offers access to the following core checklists: Forklift (Gas, Diesel and Electric), Ladder (Extending, Platform and Step), Racking, Pallet Truck, Fixed Scaffolding, Scaffold Tower, Excavator, Forklift Work Platform, Fall Arrest Harness, Tractor, MEWP, Overhead Crane, Loader Crane, Podium Steps, Telehandler, Fleet Vehicle, Trailer and Tow Tractor. Additional checklists can be added upon request or you can create your own checklists for any equipment not included on our core list.

You can purchase the desired number of checklists by adding your preferred bundle of credits to the checkout. Once set-up the credits are available to be used by all registered users across all checklist versions. Each time a checklist is completed it will be deducted from your stored credits and the mobile app will inform users of the number of remaining checks available.

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