Telehandler Inspections Checklist

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Comprehensive maintenance records are essential to the safe, efficient and economical operation of a telehandler. They provide a complete “cradle to grave” history of the individual telehandler and our telehandler safety checklist can provide the following benefits:-
• evidence of adequate maintenance as part of the management system;
• establishing breakdown trends over time and providing information for the review of maintenance frequency;
• identification of component failure trends for feedback to the manufacturer;
• evidence of adequate maintenance to the Enforcing Authorities in the event of an incident;
• enabling the performance of the telehandler to be reviewed over time to inform future purchases.
• evidence of compliance with LOLER/PUWER regulatory guidelines and industry best practice.
• cost savings by having planned maintenance schedules if faults are found, avoiding unscheduled downtime.

Our comprehensive telehandler inspection check book includes 25 individual checklists, along with guidance notes highlighting what to look for. Each checklist shows the date, time, location, telehandler ID and name of inspector; in addition to the component checks which cover the exterior, interior and engine compartments of the machine. A duplicate copy of each completed telehandler checklist is retained inside the check book for management records, whilst the top copy is inserted into a tag to display the date and findings of the completed equipment maintenance inspection.

If there is a defect that affects the safe operation of the telehandler a “Do Not Use” message can be displayed in the tag, taking the machine out of service immediately whilst the issue is reported. If no issues are found during the telehandler inspection the tag should display a “Good to Go” message along with the date the check sheet was completed, thus removing any uncertainty.

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