Daily Scaffolding Inspections Checklist Kit

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Good to Go Safety is a Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS) which allows workers to carry out pre-use checks of workplace equipment and spot potential faults before they develop into a more serious and costly defect. Attaching a tag to equipment provides a clear visual reminder to carry out a pre-use inspection and allows a completed checklist to be placed inside the tag to show the findings and date of inspection. The Daily Inspection Kit provides everything required for a full year of daily checks and is designed to help improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance with legal responsibilities.

“All scaffolding should display a “DO NOT USE” notice for restricting access to the scaffold until it has been inspected and handover completed. A tag inspection system (if used) shall be completed and located at the access point of the scaffold. Regular statutory inspections of the scaffolding shall take place at least every 7 days or after any event likely to have affected the scaffold’s stability. The tag system insert will also be updated to record the inspection”. Ref: NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation)

Each kit contains 275 individual checklists relating to components and structural checks to be completed before the scaffold is used. Duplicate carbon copies of the completed checklists are retained in the book for management records. The book also includes useful guidance notes to remind operatives what to look for during their inspection of system scaffolding and/or tube and fitting scaffolding in line with TG20:13 guidance.

Each Daily Inspection Kit includes:
• 2 x Status Tags to attach to the equipment and show its status (includes a spare).
• 11 x Safety Check Books provide 275 individual checklists, allowing one to be completed each day of the year (based on a 5-day working week) and the findings displayed inside the status tag. Additional books can be ordered as and when required.
• 1x Check Book Wallet & Pen, to store the current book in use and provide a solid writing surface when completing checklists.
• 300 x Tamper Evident Seals, which can be used to deter and identify unauthorised access to the status tag.

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