Fixed Scaffolding

Every year in the UK an average of 1,000 serious injuries and 10 fatalities occur following accidents involving fixed scaffolding. That's an average 19 serious injuries every week.

Good To Go Safety helps employers meet their legal duties, through the use of an innovative scaffold tag and pre-use scaffolding inspections checklist system. The scaffolding status can be instantly updated following any structural alterations, periods of bad weather, as part of its 7 day check or daily scaffolding inspections checklist programme. Using a scaffolding inspections checklist has never been easier and can reduce the risk of a costly scaffolding collapse or accident.

Employers using scaffolding are regulated by the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR). Regular maintenance and scaffolding inspections checklist are vital to ensure that scaffolding remains safe and stable, especially after any adverse weather conditions (A regular occurance in the United Kingdom).

Using the Good to Go Safety Scaffolding Inspections checklist system ensures compliance with PUWER, WAHR, CDM, NASC & HSE legislation and best practice. Simply attach a tag to the scaffolding tube at point of entry to ensure maximum visibility; the tag has been designed to sit flush to the scaffolding tube using cable ties to reduce the risk of snagging. Complete our scaffolding inspections checklist which has been designed in line with BS EN 12811-1 and TG20:13 guidance and provides a chronological duplicate record of all scaffolding inspections for your maintenance records as required under WAHR and PUWER.

Unless the necessary measures are in place and adhered to, any issue relating to the use or abuse of the scaffolding will expose the employers utilising the scaffolding to risk; either commercially (through financial claims or lost work), or through the courts. By inserting the completed scaffolding inspections checklist onto the tag it provides instant confirmation that a scaffolding inspections has been completed and clearly displays the date and findings for all to see. A duplicate record of each completed scaffolding inspection checklist is also retained, providing invaluable evidence in the event of an accident involving the scaffolding.

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