Podium Step Inspections Checklist

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The Good to Go Safety Check Book is an innovative tool for workplace equipment. It allows workers to carry out pre-use checks and spot potential faults before they develop into a more serious and costly defect. These safety checklists are designed to help improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance with legal responsibilities.

“Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) state that regular inspections should be conducted by a competent person for all work at height equipment (including podiums); the records of formal detailed inspections are legally required to be made available to a health and safety inspector.”

Users should carry out a pre-use visual & functional check prior to setting up a podium to identify any obvious defects that could prevent its safe use.

Each check book contains 25 individual checklists relating to components and structural checks to be completed before the podium steps are used. Duplicate carbon copies of the completed checklists are retained in the book for management records. The book also includes useful guidance notes to remind operatives what to look for during their inspection.

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