Podium Steps

In the UK, an average of 14 deaths and 1200 injuries are a result of falls from ladders.

The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) suggests using equipment with a working platform and guard rails where possible, to help prevent the risk of a fall, as an alternative to traditional stepladders. Podium steps are becoming a popular alternative to ladders for access to low level heights due to their ease of use and flexibility – they can be self-erecting or folded prior to erection, so as to pass through standard doors and easily transported.

Good to Go Safety provides clear guidance as to the type of checks required prior to use. The checklist allows a competent person to check each item and identify any potential problems before the equipment is used. Ensures compliance with PUWER, INDG402, WAHR & HSE regulations and best practice. A tag should be attached to the podium steps at the point of entry/gate to provide maximum visibility to potential users. The check book provides 25 individual checklists which are used to carry out a pre-use inspection with the findings placed inside the tag for all to see (a duplicate NCR copy is retained in the book for management records).

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