Each year around two thousand accidents and ten fatalities are reported due to forklift operation in the United Kingdom. That's approximately forty serious injuries caused by a forklift every single week!

It is estimated that every year ten percent of all reported accidents involving forklift trucks are caused by lack of driver training. Ensuring your employees are trained and know the importance of a pre-use visual forklift inspections is incredibly important. Carrying out daily inspections of a forklift with Good to Go Safety's inspections checklist will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and any unnecessary maintenance costs to forklifts.

Good to Go Safety offers a simple solution for forklift inspections management with a flexible inspections checklist system that can be used on a pre-use ad-hoc, daily or weekly basis to suit your companies needs. Completing pre-use forklift inspections as part of your FLT (Forklift Truck) safety maintenance programme ensures both employees and visitors are aware of the forklifts trucks status at all times. Using the forklift inspections checklist ensures your company is compliant with PUWER, LOLER, HSE & FLTA regulations and best practice. The forklift inspections checklist status tag is highly visible, displaying a “Do Not Use” message until a forklift inspection checklist has been inserted - we recommend positioning the status tag at either the entry point to the forklift cab, or by the ignition box to help provide an immediate reminder to the operator to complete a forklift inspections checklist before starting up the vehicle.

Upon completion of the pre-use forklift inspections, the forklift checklist is inserted into the tag to display the inspection findings and date of completion, removing the risk of assumption.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure all employees operating or working in the vicinity of a forklift are adequately informed of the potential hazards and the relevant safe work procedure is in operation. Such management systems will include controls on use, defect reporting & recording and inspections & maintenance of forklift trucks and equipment. Good to Go Safety inspections checklist ticks all the boxes to ensure you are always Good to Go!


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