Weekly Bespoke Inspections Checklist Kit

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Good to Go Safety is a Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS) which allows workers to carry out pre-use checks of workplace equipment and spot potential faults before they develop into a more serious and costly defect. Attaching a tag to equipment provides a clear visual reminder to carry out a pre-use inspection and allows a completed checklist to be placed inside the tag to show the findings and date of inspection. The Weekly Inspection Kit provides everything required for a full year of weekly checks and is designed to help improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and ensure compliance with legal responsibilities.

“The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) apply to a multitude of workplace equipment. With such an extensive range of varying types of equipment it is impossible to provide checklists for every eventuality. The fundamentals of PUWER state that equipment is suitable and safe for use; maintained in a safe condition and, in certain circumstances, inspected to ensure this remains the case; used by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training.” Ref: HSE Guidance

Our bespoke check book provides the option to create unique checklists for any type of equipment not covered by our standard range of products. The checklist is supplied blank with the exception of numbers. This allows the required inspection notes to be listed in the cover and cross referenced against the numbers on the checklist. Alternatively we are able to print bespoke checklists, however minimum order quantities will apply – please contact us for a quote.

Each kit contains 50 individual (weekly) checklists allowing you to create your own inspection criteria. Duplicate carbon copies of the completed checklists are retained in the book for management records.

Each Weekly Inspection Kit includes:
• 1 x Status Tags to attach to the equipment and show its status.
• 2 x Safety Check Books provide 50 individual checklists, allowing one to be completed each week and the findings displayed inside the status tag. Additional books can be ordered as and when required.
• 1x Check Book Wallet & Pen, to store the current book and provide a suitable writing surface when completing checklists.
• 100 x Tamper Evident Seals, which can be used to deter and identify unauthorised access to the status tag.

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