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If you have a forklift basket on site then now’s the time to introduce Good to Go Safety inspections to your workplace equipment.

We were asked to produce a checklist for forklift work platforms (also referred to as a man basket or safety cage) and so we’ve developed a comprehensive inspection programme to suit their needs and help them meet their PUWER and LOLER obligations. With so many of our customers working within warehousing and construction industries we know the demand for this latest checklist will be high and pre-orders have already began to leave our own warehouse.

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Tractor Inspection Checklists

Farming accounts for more than 30 deaths and over 1000 serious injuries every year in the UK. Keeping an audit of when inspections have been carried out and what work has been done on farming equipment is very important.

These records help show that equipment is well maintained and regularly checked, providing invaluable evidence in the event of an accident. Comply with HSWA, PUWER, Road Traffic Act, LOLER & HSE regulations

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How our Tag is Made

Our Universal Status Tag has come a long way from its initial concept on the back of an old paracetamol packet to the current finished article. Whilst designing our tag we knew that we'd need it to withstand the everyday bumps and scrapes of working life, that's why we manufactured it from tough, durable polypropylene.

Customer feedback, increasing sales and winning awards all let us know that we've designed an impressive product and we continue to develop and add new checklists to our range. Behind the scenes we are constantly looking for further improvements and enhancements so watch this space! To find out how our universal status tag is made - watch our 20 second video.

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Forklift Inspection Checklists

We believe that keeping your business moving is critical. Any loss in productivity can prove costly, not just financially: The cost of unplanned maintenance includes lost production; higher costs for parts and shipping; as well as time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working; not to mention the impact on your reputation following delayed deliveries.

Unplanned, reactive maintenance has many overhead costs that can be avoided when implementing our equipment maintenance system. That's why forklift maintenance is vital to ensuring you are always Good to Go!

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Ladder and the Faulty Ladder

Ladders account for about 33 percent of all fall from height accidents in the workplace, many of which could have been avoided with training, guidance and safety maintenance. All ladders should be checked prior to use for any faults or general wear and tear.

Our innovative tagging and inspection system ensures essential pre-use inspections are carried out. Helping reduce the risk of any accident like Bob's. Good to Go Safety helps companies to improve safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation.

Good to Go Safety -
Return of the Bob

After his ladder accident, Bob returns to work with a new respect for equipment safety. With his new insight, he is dedicated to ensuring no one else is injured due to equipment negligence, but even the best of intentions can fall short without clear protocols in place.

Every year approximately 2,000 accidents and 10 fatalities are reported as a result of forklift operation in the UK. That's around 40 serious injuries every week!

Good to Go Safety offers a simple, effective and affordable solution to forklift safety and provides a flexible solution which can be adapted to meet your company requirements. The system has three main parts, a Tag, Check Book and Tamper Evident Seal.

Good to Go Safety -
Be Like Bob

After Bill's accident, management introduce a new safety regime and appoint Bob as safety manager.

Bob introduces us to the new safety regime and goes through the steps to ensure that equipment is in good working order so that no one can be injured on his watch again.

Good to Go Safety -

Remove the danger of assumptions, reduce maintenance costs, comply with legislation, improve workplace safety and communicate equipment status with Good to Go Safety

Our innovative tagging and checklist system helps increase workplace safety plus much more. It ensures employees know when a forklift, ladder, scaffold tower, scaffolding, trailer, pallet racking plus so many other types of equipment have been checked and an inspection has been completed.

It is a perfect addition to your Health & Safety maintenance and equipment management programmes - ensuring equipment and employees are always Good to Go!

Good to Go Safety -
Spotting Faults

Good to Go Safety is a Safe Equipment Management System (SEMS), which encourages a safety inspection on workplace equipment and is the ideal addition to your H&S, maintenance and equipment management programmes.

Suitable for Forklift, Ladder, Scaffold, Scaffolding, MEWP, Harness, Fleet Vehicles, Trailers, Podium Steps, Pallet Trucks, Racking and more.

Watch this short video to find out how simple the system is to use.

Good to Go Safety -
The Danger of Assumptions

It is easy to get complacent when it comes to equipment safety.

If an employee uses the same equipment every day (e.g forklift/ladder/vehicle etc) without carrying out routine checks it is easy for them to fall into the trap of assuming that “it was fine yesterday even though it made a few odd noises, I’m sure it will be fine today”.

Each day that this assumption continues to be made, so the false feeling of security grows, until the equipment in question fails.

Good to Go Safety -
Useful advice including how to check your tyre pressure, look for wear and tear and to top up the various fluids in your car. This will help you to save money, inconvenience and above all keep you safe on the roads.
A detailed overview of the Good to Go Safety system. An innovative range of inspection & tagging systems for ladders, scaffold, forklifts, racking, MEWPs, harnesses, fleet vehicles, podium steps and specialist equipment. Helps to prevent accidents; comply with legislation; provide a record of inspections; quarantine faulty equipment; reduce maintenance costs & empower employees. Easy to use, easy to implement and easily affordable.

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